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New Items on the Quarterman web pages or Linked from them

Some of these new pages, links, and updates are derived from postings on the discussion list.

Others were sent in specifically for the web pages.

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Midway, 17 Feb 2012Midway 17 Feb 2012 TEXT
(By Gretchen)
Midway Church, 17 February 2012Midway 17 Feb 2012 Midway Cemetery, Museum, and Church
(By John S. Quarterman)
St-James Santee church, 25 July 2010St-James Santee church 25 July 2010 First Rector Rev. Pierre Robert 1656-1715
(By Fabienne Blanc)
Midway, 3 Mar 2010
3 Mar 2010
Plaques and things at Midway.
(By Gretchen)
Joanna Baker Sumner stepgrandchildren, 21 Feb 1741
Joanna Baker Sumner step- grandchildren 21 Feb 1741
How did they keep track of this without charts?
(By jsq)
Bacons, Stuarts, and Gouldings, 1 May 2009
Bacons, Stuarts, and Gouldings 1 May 2009
Charts to illustrate Dee Green's theory of Bacon-Stuart relations
(By jsq)
Phil 25 Markers
Who's the Mutant?
Phil at 25 markers is 2 from Clay and 3 from jsq.
(by FamilyTreeDNA)
Philip Matches Philip John Quarterman b. Oxon lives Portland is an exact 12 marker ytDNA match for jsq, Clay, and Joe Pete.
(by FamilyTreeDNA)
I2b and

New England Primer, 1826
New England Primer 1826
Passed down through several generations.
(By Benjamin Olds.)
Sunbury, 10 November 2007
Sunbury 10 Nov 2007
Sunbury town and cemetery.
(By Gretchen)
Midway Cemetery and Church, 10 Nov 2007Midway Cemetery and Church 10 Nov 2007 Oaks and stones.
(By Gretchen)
Summerville Presbyterian Church, 11 November 2007Summerville Presbyterian Church 11 November 2007 The church that maintains Old White Church Cemetery.
(By Gretchen)
Fort Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007Fort Dorchester, S.C. 11 Nov 2007 Remains of the old tabby fort at Dorchester, S.C.
(By Gretchen)
St. George's Parish Church, Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007St. George's Parish Church, Dorchester, S.C. 11 Nov 2007 Remains of the old Anglican Church at Dorchester, S.C.
(By Gretchen)
Old Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007Old Dorchester, S.C. 11 Nov 2007 The old town.
(By Gretchen)
Old White Meeting House, Dorchester, SC, 11 Nov 2007Old White Meeting House, Dorchester, S.C. 11 Nov 2007 Bricks and Graves
(By Gretchen,jsq)
Oxford College, 25 Jan 2008Oxford College 25 Jan 2008 Photograph of Leonora watercolor of Phi Gamma Hall, Oxford college, GA
(By Leonora Quarterman)
Rev. I.S.K. Axson, c 1850Rev. I.S.K. Axson c 1850 Scanned from a Midway anniversary pamphlet; also appears in Stacy's History.
(By scanned by Tom G. Weiss)
George Washington and Midway, 1791George Washington and Midway 1791 GW visited Georgia, and corresponded with Midway
(By George Washington and Midway)
Sarah Ellen SanfordSarah Ellen Sanford (1801-1871) Tom Weiss's scans of pictures of Sarah Ellen Sanford whom1 William Norman m2 Thomas Quarterman, of Susan Lorena Stacy m. William Sanford Norman, of William Norman Beckett, and charts showing how they and Mary Amarintha Norman and Isaac Beckett are all related.
(By Tom G. Weiss)
Scans of Midway Deed, 1766, and between 1868 and 1898Scans of Midway Deed 1766, and bet. 1868 and 1898 Tom Weiss's scan of his great-grandmother's clipping of a newspaper article by his great-grandfather about the original deed of Midway Church and Cemetery.
(By Tom G. Weiss)
Isaac BeckettIsaac Beckett (1838-1911)
(by Tom G. Weiss)
Amarintha BeckettMary Amarintha Norman Beckett (1847-1898)
(by Tom G. Weiss)
Deed to
Midway Church
and Cemetery
A newspaper clipping from his great-grandparents.
(by Tom Weiss)
Martha Martha "Miss Mittie" Bullock Roosevelt 1834-1884 Stepchildren and pedigree of Mittie Roosevelt
(By jsq)
Baker Quarterman, 22 July 2007Baker Quarterman 22 July 2007 Thomas Quarterman (1738-1791) m. Rebecca Baker Jones Ball and had Rev. Robert Quarterman.
(By jsq)
Midway MuseumMidway Museum Needs Support They'd like to build a library.
(By Mrs. Clark)
Leonora Savannah Prints, 8 May 2007Leonora Savannah Prints 8 May 2007 A variety of scenes around Savannah.
(By Clay Quarterman)
Adaline, CMQ, Iowa, 8 May 2007Adaline, CMQ, Iowa 8 May 2007 Tintypes in the CMQ family Bible.
(By Clay Quarterman)
Adaline Way Quarterman Gravesite, 28 April 2007Adaline Way Quarterman Gravesite 28 April 2007 In Lott Cemetery, Waycross, Ga.
(By Gretchen)
Quartermans, Oakland Cemetery, Waycross, Ga., 9 Sept 2006Quartermans Oakland Cemetery Waycross, Ga. 9 Sept 2006 Rev. John Way Quarterman and Laura Yonge McCullough and descendants
(By jsq, gretchen)
Featuring a selection of original artwork including Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors and Woodcut Prints., by (by Chase)Chase Quarterman artwork Featuring a selection of original artwork including Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors and Woodcut Prints.
(by Chase)
Some pictures of Leonora artwork that may be for sale., by (by Scott)Leonora Artwork c. 1970s Some pictures of Leonora artwork that may be for sale.
(by Scott)
Leonora QuartermanLeonora, Ed, Mary, Mimi, Doug c. 1979 Pictures of Leonora, Ed, Mary, Mimi, and Doug ca. 1979
(by Clay)
A biography of Leonora Quarterman; more information solicited.
Midway Cemetery
in Findagrave
This database is getting populated from Stacy and other sources.
(various people)
Results for
DNA Project
Maybe we can solve some of the family genealogical riddles using DNA.
(Connie C. Sadler and jsq, organizers)
Luther and Elise,
Reminiscences, and
Home at the Bluff
All about Savannah and environs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
(found by jsq)
Lloyd's American
Railroad Map
Railroads in running order.
(found by jsq)
Gen. James Screven
Gen. James Screven (c1744-1778)
Photograph of sketch in Midway Museum.
(Picture by Carol Van Cleef)
Baker Families
7 Oct 2005
Transcriptions of Nancy Rue's old document about Bakers.
(by SPQ and DLQ)
Three Baker FamiliesBaker Families 5 Oct 2005 An old document about Bakers that she found and scanned.
(by Nancy Reu)
Aunt Jane Obituary of Mrs. Jane Sinclair Quarterman Comer.
(by John S. Quarterman)
Leonora's Family TreeLeonora's Family Tree A scan of Leonora Quarterman's hand-drawn family tree.
(by Scott Quarterman)
Midway CemeteryMidway Cemetery 25 Feb 2005 Some ancestors.
(by Gretchen Quarterman)
Midway SteepleMidway Steeple 25 Feb 2005 The view from Midway Steeple
(by John S. Quarterman)
Midway through TimeMidway Through Time An animated compilation of Midway pictures over the years.
(by jsq)
Allan Quatermain our cousin in fiction
(by jsq)
R. Q. Mallard
Plantation Life
R. Q. Mallard (Robert Q.), 1830-1904, Plantation Life before Emancipation, Richmond, Va.: Whittet & Shepperson, 1892.
(found by Connie Sadler)
Summer Home
Summer Home
The summer home of Robert Quarterman Cassels and Alice Gordon Cassels, built in the 1880s in Flemington. [ca. 1900], from Georgia Archives.
(found by David Leon Quarterman)
Midway Church c. 1875
Midway Church [ca. 1875]
Midway Church [ca. 1875] from Georgia Archives.
(found by David Leon Quarterman)
A New
a summary of the emigration from Mass. to S.C.
(found by Connie Sadler)
The history of the town of Dorchester, Massachusetts, and other documents.
(found by jsq)
Dorchester in 1630, 1776, and 1855, an Oration given by Edward Everett at Dorchester's 4th of July celebration in 1855.
(found by Connie Sadler)
WalthourvilleWalthourville Walthourville church.
(found by Connie Sadler)
Midway 1925Midway 1925 pictures by Aunt Jane, scanned by Cathy and David Leon.
(by Jane S. Quarterman)
Leonora Q.Leonora Q. The boat by the artist.
(by John J.)
to King
Charles II

Richard & Sybil QuartermainRichard & Sybil Quartermain What happens when you take a negative of a rubbing.
(found by Connie Sadler)
A well-known Midway person.
(by Connie Sadler)
for the year 1660, in which he mentions Dr. William Quarterman
(found by Connie Sadler)
Senator John Elliott
Sen. John Elliott (1773-1827)
An early Georgia senator.
(by JSQ)
Chalgrove Manor
Chalgrove Manor
Pictures in an exam paper of an old manor house at Chalgrove, Oxfordshire.
(found by Stuart Quartermaine)
Revolutionary War officer.
(by JSQ)
Revolutionary War officer killed at the battle of Midway Church.
(by JSQ)
The Quartermans
of Pennsylvania
ca. 1750
to 1860
a book about PA Quartermans
(by Ann Emerson)
Rev. Abiel Holmes
Abiel Holmes
Some notes about Rev. Abiel Holmes.
(by jsq and others)
Search list archives (both lists).
(by jsq)
Midway 1946Midway 1946 picture of Midway in 1946.
(provided by Louis LeConte)
Midway WellMidway Well pictures of Midway in early 1900s by James Augustus LeConte b. 1870.
(provided by Louis LeConte)
ShepardShepard from data in Quarterman book database, including from Hugh Tucker.
(by jsq with chart)
Pedigree of Richard FowlerRichard Fowler Chancellor of Lancaster Pedigree of Richard Fowler and his namesake son.
(from data in a book by Rev. Frederick George Lee; beware of inaccuracies)
Chalgrove, Rycote, ThameChalgrove, Rycote, Thame Pictures taken in May 2002 of Chalgrove, Rycote, and Thame
(by Nancy Reu)
Midway Missionaries to ChinaChina Midway Missionaries to China
(chart by jsq)
Domesday Book, etc.
(Found by Stuart Quartermaine)
Michael Bacon of Dedham, 1640, and his Descendants by Thomas W. Baldwin, A.B., S.B.
(found by Connie Sadler)

Leonora QuartermanRelatives and Rev. Stacy's book
Dane Bowen's
Way book

Mary Ethel QuartermanMary Ethel Quarterman
Don't Tread on Me
Commodore Essex Hopkins

Sarah Early
some web pages
(by Janice Jackson)
of Pride
more about Myers' book
(found by jsq)
in Thame
as interpreted by Carter
(relayed by Victoria)
a book
(by Carter)
Dr. Lee's
a book
(by Lee)
(by jsq)
Timeline Major events that have shaped Quarterman history.
Rev. Robert Quarterman and Glynn County, too
(found by DLQ)

Camden Co.
and Glynn County, too
(found by DLQ)

Oliver W.
Holmes, Jr.
Georgia genealogy webring
(by Dennis Partridge)
some text on the Liberty County Quartermans
(by jsq)
Format various changes to the general format
(by jsq)
Lowndes Some Lowndes County links, including Hahira and Valdosta
(by jsq and DLQ)
[Clay's pictures of Brasses in Chalgrove Church] Brasses in Chalgrove Church
(by Rev. Clay Quarterman)
[Liberty County and Midway Church] Some updated Georgia and links
(by DLQ)
Contents a map of where things are
(by jsq)
Gretchen's pictures of Chalgrove pictures of Chalgrove
(by Gretchen)
navbars a navigation bar on the left of each page
(by jsq)
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