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Quarterman Family History Project

Senator John Elliott (1773-1827)

John Elliott Junior was a U.S. Senator from 1819-1825, after graduating from Yale and practicing law, according to his Congressional Biography.

According to our database, Senator John Elliott (1773-1827) married Esther ``Hetty'' Dunwoody.

Several sources recorded in his record in the database show that he was the son of Col. John Elliott, who was deceased when John Elliott who would be Senator married Esther Dunwoody, who was a daughter of John Donwoody. So this couple were children of the veterans of the story of the death of James Screven.

Meanwhile, back to Senator Elliott. For example, Stacy's History on page 126 says:

``Hon. John Elliott, U. S. Senator. The son of Col. John Elliott and grandson of John Elliott, one of the original settlers, was born in St. John's parish October 24, 1773, baptized December 8, 1773, and six years in the Unites States Senate from 1819 to 1825, married Esther, daughter of Dr. James Dunwoody, October 1, 1795. The daughter Esther Amarantha, born unto them married James Stephen Bullock, grandson of Archibald Bullock, president of the provincial Congress that met in Savannah July 4, 1775, and first republican governor of Georgia.''

The original settler John Elliott must have been the one who died 1765 at Sunbury, whose will (according to Abstracts of Colonial Wills of the State of Georgia 1733-1777) names a child John who is one of his Executors (along with "brother John Quarterman" and others).

We trace settler John Elliott's line back two more generations to a John Elliott in South Carolina. I'd guess he was one of the Elliotts of Massachusetts, but I don't know.

Here's how the Senator died:

``Marriage and Death Notices from The Charleston Observer 1827-1845 Issue of Aug 4, 1827. In Savannah, 9th inst., Hon, John Elliott, late a Senator of the U. States, 55, Mr. E. while administering to his sick slaves in Liberty co. 12 of whom died of dysentery, was seized with the same complaint.''

—Brent Holcomb, South Carolina Marriages, South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research.

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