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Bowen, Henry Way (1583-1667) and Descendants

Henry Way was a prominent Masschusetts ancestor of the Quartermans. Here is a book about him and his descendants:

Henry Way (1583-1667) and Descendants: Pioneering Four Centuries across America
by A. Dane Bowen, Jr., Ph. D. (Ivy League in History)
2001, Baltimore, Md.
488 pp. size 8 and 1|2 x 11. The 25-page index, in four columns, 10 font, has some 5,950 name entries.

The author remarks:

``In my research I traveled three separate times in a motor home up and down the Eastern seaboard from Salem, MA and Boston to Savannah, Sunbury, Midway, and Hinesville, GA. In Boston I researched in the NEHGS headquarters for days, in the Boston Public Library, etc; in the Philadelphia Free Public Library, in the state archives and libraries of VA, NC, SC, GA, TX, and in the historical associations of VA at Richmond, in SC at Charleston, and in GA at Savannah. I went twice to the DAR Library in Camden, SC,and twice to the A.S. Salley Archives in Orangeburg, SC. I visited more courthouses than I would like to think about in SC, GA, and TX. I also went to Salt Lake City. Since I live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, I have spent many days in the Library of Congress, the National Archives, the DAR Library, and the Federal Bureau of Land Management. Finally, although I had already visited Great Britain six times in either a personal or official capacity, beginning as an undergraduate student, and had seen all of that country I had ever planned to, I recently undertook still another trip there solely to research the Ways and the families they immediately married into in America, the Sumners and Mavericks.''

``The publisher will not reprint less than 50 additional copies. I am unwilling to take the risk of ordering so many more. If your list members and\or others can put together an order of 35 books at $50 apiece, I will order another 50!''
Dane Bowen

Here's an update from the author:

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 18:36:51 EDT
Subject: Re: Way Book on CD Disk

By deleting maps and pictures I have squeezed my Way book on a single CD-ROM disk and will sell it for $36 plus $3.95 for mailing first class in a padded envelop. Those interested can send a check to:
Dane Bowen
6330 Hillcrest Place
Alexandria, Va. 22312

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