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   of Liberty
   of Dedham,
   and his
   The Quartermans
   of Pennsylvania
   ca. 1750
   to 1860
Dr. Lee's
   Luther and Elise,
   Reminiscences, and
   Home at the Bluff
   Midway History and Records
Quarterman Family History Project

Quarterman, Luther and Elizabeth, Reminiscences of a Country Boy and The Home at the Bluff

If my ears I would save from jeers,
These things I should meekly hide;
myself and I and mine and my,
and what I did and what I do.
Better is a dinner of herbs where love is,
than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.
Psalm 15, 17
In the busy game of life
I was often counted out
but was always too busy
to hear the referee.
The world steps aside to let anyone pass
who knows where he is going.
Nobody grows old by merely living
a number of years.
Reminiscences of a Country Boy and The Home at the Bluff, by Luther H. Quarterman and Elizabeth Walker Quarterman, Drawings by Leonora Second Printing, 1965, 88 pages + 80 pages.

These are autobiographies by cousins Luther and Elise Quarterman, illustrated by their daughter Leonora, although Luther claims all the names used in his are fiction.

Luther was quite the entrepeneur, running several businesses in succession, starting several chapels, building several residences, etc.

Elise wasn't any slouch, either, and she also includes stories from her relatives going back a few generations.

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