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Mary Amarintha Norman Beckett (1847-1898)

See also the Midway Deed.


Mrs. Mary Amarintha Beckett, after an illness of about two weeks, died yesterday morning at her home on Henry street. During the last few days preceding her death Mrs. Beckett grew gradually worse until she passed peacefully away, surrounded by members of her family.

Mrs. Beckett was born in Liberty county May 27, 1847. She was the daughter of Capt. W. S. Norman, and married Mr. Isaac Beckett March 25, 1868. Death came on the thirtieth anniversary of her marriage. Mrs. Beckett came from the colony of Huguenots which moved from Dorchester, S. C., to Liberty county about 1768, and settled near the spot where the old Midway church stands. It was in that church that she was baptized by the late Rev. Dr. I. S. K. Axson. Her grandfather and great grandfather are buried in the old cemetery near the church. Mrs. Beckett became a member of St. John’s church about twenty-five years ago and has been an earnest and faithful member ever since.

Mrs. Beckett leaves six children, three sons and three daughters. The funeral services will be held at St. John’s church this afternoon, and the interment will be at four o’clock.

The interment will be in Bonaventure. – Morning News, March 26th.

Reprinted in Liberty County Herald, Hinesville, Ga.

Date of death was March 25, 1898.

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