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Results So Far

We have three results back so far:
  • Philip John Quarterman, born Oxfordshire, resides Portland, Oregon, is an exact 12 marker yDNA match for John S. Quarterman (jsq) and Clay Quarterman of the Liberty County group, and an exact 12 marker match for Samuel Joseph Quarterman of the Camden County group. Chances of he and jsq having a common ancestor in 8 generations is 56%, in 12 generations is 71%, in 16 is 81%, in 20 is 89%, in 24 is 92%. This makes it quite likely that the Midway Quartermans derive from Oxfordshire.

    Phil's 25 marker results have come in, and he's only 2 or 3 distance from Clay and jsq; see the comparison in the Liberty County page.

  • New! 2011-06-03: We have a match from Mr. Ronald David Eric Quartermaine of north London, sent by his daughter Tessa from Gloucestershire, England. He is a genetic distance of 2 from Clay and 4 from jsq. FamilyTreeDNA computes the chances of he and jsq having a common ancestor as the same as for Phil of Oxfordshire (see above). Since we knew there was almost certainly no relation within 8 generations (we have the Liberty County Quartermans documented back that far), it makes sense that there's no more than a 56% chance of being related within 8 generations. Given two matching English Quarterman/Quartermaine relatives, the probabilities of a common ancestor of 71% within 12 generations (around 1450) and 81% within 16 generations (around 1210) seem quite plausible. I figure 30 years per generation, since that's what Quartermans seem to average; the years would be more recent if the generations back then were shorter. For comparison, the last of the rich and influential Quartermain branch was Richard (1393-1478) & Sybil Quartermain (1400-1483). 1210 is a generation after the Domesday Book of 1180, in which is the earliest speculation for a documented Quarterman patrilineal ancestor, also in Oxfordshire. See also Gloucestershire under Liberty County.

  • Another English person's test shows essentially no patrilineal relationship to any other group participant so far. He is a genetic distance of 10 from the Midway Quarterman group members, which means essentially zero probability of being related in less than 20 generations, and only 0.02% (two hundredths of a percent) probability of being related at 20 generations.

    This does not necessarily mean that this person is not related to the Midway Quartermans: yDNA testing only checks patrilineal relationships. We know from documentation that there are at least two cases of a Quarterman woman in England having a son who took the Quarterman name. This person could be descended from one of those women, and would thus probably be a relative, just not a patrilineal relative.

With more submissions from other Quarterman groups we may find patrilineal relations to this Quarterman, or other English Quartermans who are related to Quartermans in the U.S. or elsewhere. Join now!

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