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Midway, 17 Feb 2012
   17 Feb 2012
Midway Church, 17 February 2012
   17 Feb 2012
St-James Santee church, 25 July 2010
   St-James Santee church
   25 July 2010
Midway, 3 Mar 2010
   3 Mar 2010
Baxley, 25 Sep 2008
   25 Sep 2008
Bacons, Stuarts, and Gouldings, 1 May 2009
   Bacons, Stuarts, and Gouldings
   1 May 2009
Wheeler Cemetery, Mains Crossing, North Stonington, CT, 27 May 2008
   Wheeler Cemetery, Mains Crossing, North Stonington, CT
   27 May 2008
Wheeler Cemetery, Main St., North Stonington, CT, 27 May 2008
   Wheeler Cemetery, Main St., North Stonington, CT
   27 May 2008
North Stonington, CT, 28 May 2008
   North Stonington, CT
   28 May 2008
Sunbury, 10 November 2007
   10 November 2007
Midway Cemetery and Church, 10 Nov 2007
   Midway Cemetery and Church
   10 Nov 2007
Summerville Presbyterian Church, 11 November 2007
   Summerville Presbyterian Church
   11 November 2007
Fort Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007
   Fort Dorchester, S.C.
   11 November 2007
St. George's Parish Church, Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007
   St. George's Parish Church, Dorchester, S.C.
   11 November 2007
Old Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007
   Old Dorchester, S.C.
   11 November 2007
Old White Meeting House, Dorchester, SC, 11 Nov 2007
   Old White Meeting House, Dorchester, SC
   11 Nov 2007
Oxford College, 25 Jan 2008
   Oxford College
   25 Jan 2008
Scans of Midway Deed, 1766, and between 1868 and 1898
   Scans of Midway Deed
   1766, and between 1868 and 1898
Baker Quarterman, 22 July 2007
   Baker Quarterman
   22 July 2007
Three Baker Families
   Baker Families
   5 Oct 2005
George Washington and Midway, 1791
   George Washington and Midway
Rev. I.S.K. Axson, c 1850
   Rev. I.S.K. Axson
   c 1850
   Martha "Miss Mittie" Bullock Roosevelt
Norman Family Tree, 1939
   Norman Family Tree
Aunt Iowa, 1853-1947
   Aunt Iowa
Leonora Savannah Prints, 8 May 2007
   Leonora Savannah Prints
   8 May 2007
Adaline, CMQ, Iowa, 8 May 2007
   Adaline, CMQ, Iowa
   8 May 2007
Adaline Way Quarterman Gravesite, 28 April 2007
   Adaline Way Quarterman Gravesite
   28 April 2007
Quartermans, Oakland Cemetery, Waycross, Ga., 9 Sept 2006
   Oakland Cemetery
   Waycross, Ga.
   9 Sept 2006

   c. 1970s
Leonora Quarterman
   Ed, Mary,
   Mimi, Doug
   c. 1979
Midway Cemetery
   Midway Cemetery
   25 Feb 2005
Midway Steeple
   Midway Steeple
   25 Feb 2005
Leonora's Family Tree
Midway through Time
summer home
   in Ga.
Midway 1946
Chalgrove by Gretchen
Brasses in Chalgrove Church
Chalgrove Quartermain Manor
Chalgrove, Rycote, Thame
Leonora Q.
Midway 1925
New England Primer, 1826
   New England Primer
Joanna Baker Sumner stepgrandchildren, 21 Feb 1741
   Joanna Baker Sumner stepgrandchildren
   21 Feb 1741
Quarterman Family History Project
George Washington and Midway [index to photographs]

George Washington and Midway, 1791

GW visited Georgia, and corresponded with Midway.

Reprinted 1929 by W. N. Beckett, Mclntosh, Ga.

Scanned and transcribed 2007 by Tom G. Weiss, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Put on the web 2007 by John S. Quarterman.

[Midwaycover Church]
Midwaycover Church
[Midwaycover Text]
Midwaycover Text


(Taken from White's Historical Collection, being missing
from the records.)

Sir: We feel ourselves happy in an opportunity of expressing our attachment to your Person, and our peculiar pleasure in your selection by the unanimous voice of your country to the Presidency of the United States.

Though situated in the extreme part of the Union, we have gratefully to acknowledge that we already experience the propitious influence of your wise and parental administration. To the troops stationed on your frontiers by your order, and to the treaty lately concluded with the Creek Nation under your auspices, we are indebted, under Providence, for our present tranquility. The hatchet is now buried, and we smoke with our Indian neighbours the calumet of peace. This, while it affords a happy presage of our future protection, gives, at the same time, a recent proof how justly you have earned, in your civil as well as military capacity, the glorious title of Father of your Country.

With the laurel, then, be pleased to accept the civic wreath of a grateful people.

We readily conceive how arduous must be the duties, how weighty and complicated the cares of office, in the government of so extensive a Republic as that over which you are called to preside. Impressed with a deep sense of this, we will not fail to implore the Divine blessing in your behalf.

May you continue to be directed by that wisdom from above which is necessary to the discharge of the duties of your high and important station; and may you long be preserved the favoured instrument of Heaven to secure to a free people those invaluable rights which you so eminently contributed to rescue from the hand of oppression. Distant as our situation is from the Seat of Government, permit us to assure you that our influence, however inconsiderable in the national scale, shall not be wanting in encouraging submission to the laws of the United States, and thus under God perpetuate the blessings of an efficient Federal Government, now so happily established.

Committee in behalf of the
Church and Society.
Midway, Liberty County, May 12, 1791.


Gentlemen: I learn with gratitude proportioned to the occasion, your attachment to my person, and the pleasure you express on my election to the Presidency of the United States. Your sentiments on the happy influence of our equal government impress me with the most sensible satisfaction. They vindicate the great cause of humanity. They reflect On the liberal minds that entertain them, and they promise the continuance and the improvement of that tranquility which is essential to the welfare of nations and the happiness of men.

You overrate my best exertions, when you ascribe to them the blessings which our country enjoys.

From the gallantry and fortitude of her citizens, under The auspices of Heaven, America has derived her independence. To their industry and the natural advantages of the Country, she is indebted for her prosperous situation. From their virtue she may expect long to share the protection of a free and equal government, which their wisdom has established, and which experience justifies, as admirabily adapted to our social wants and individual felicity.

Continue, my fellow-citizens, to cultivate the peace and harmony which now subsist between you and your Indian neighbors – the happy consequence is immediate – the reflec tion which arises on justice and benevolence will be everlastingly grateful. A knowledge of your happiness will lighten the cares of my station, and be among the most pleasing of their rewards.


(Reprinted 1929 by W. N. Beckett, Mclntosh, Ga.)
Price 10 Cents

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