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Quarterman Family History Project

Rev. Robert Quarterman (1787-1849)

[revrob.gif] He is the earliest Quarterman ancestor for whom we have a photograph; it comes from Stacy's History. So far as we know, the Rev. never wrote history of any kind, but as the leader of the community of the time, he is in every history of our Quarterman ancestors.

Stacy describes him at the time when he began his ministry:

``... A man of prime vigor and maturity of manhood, with family, being then in the 36th year of his age. ... living all that time in the faithful discharge of duty, honored and revered by all... a man of fine physique, in theology sound, his preaching solid, his life consistent, his end calm and peaceful. Four of his sons became ministers, one of whom was foreign missionary and of his two daughters, two were minister's wives and one was a missionary to China for 16 years.''

There is more about Rev. Robert Quarterman in all three basic books about the Midway Society.

Monument to Rev. Robert Quarterman in Midway Cemetery, Georgia

[South side]

Born in this Society,
Liberty County
Jan. 13, 1787.
Ordained to the Gospel Ministry
by the
of Georgia,
of which he was a member
May 27,
Died April 19, 1849
Aged 62 years.
[West Side]

Erected by
the Midway
Church and
to the memory of
Rev. Robert Quarterman
for twelve
Deacon and for
Twenty-six years
their faithful
and successful Pastor.
``He was a good Man and
full of the Holy Ghost
and of faith.''
[North side]

Deceased Pastors
Rev. John Osgood
From 1754 to 1773.
Rev. Moses Allen
1777 to 1778.
Abiel Holmes
1785 to 1791.
Rev. Cyrus Gildersleeve
1791 to 1811.
Rev. Murdock Murphy
1811 to 1823.
Rev. Robert Quarterman
1823 to 1849.
(The fourth side is blank.)
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