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Midway, 17 Feb 2012
   17 Feb 2012
Midway Church, 17 February 2012
   17 Feb 2012
St-James Santee church, 25 July 2010
   St-James Santee church
   25 July 2010
Midway, 3 Mar 2010
   3 Mar 2010
Baxley, 25 Sep 2008
   25 Sep 2008
Bacons, Stuarts, and Gouldings, 1 May 2009
   Bacons, Stuarts, and Gouldings
   1 May 2009
Wheeler Cemetery, Mains Crossing, North Stonington, CT, 27 May 2008
   Wheeler Cemetery, Mains Crossing, North Stonington, CT
   27 May 2008
Wheeler Cemetery, Main St., North Stonington, CT, 27 May 2008
   Wheeler Cemetery, Main St., North Stonington, CT
   27 May 2008
North Stonington, CT, 28 May 2008
   North Stonington, CT
   28 May 2008
Sunbury, 10 November 2007
   10 November 2007
Midway Cemetery and Church, 10 Nov 2007
   Midway Cemetery and Church
   10 Nov 2007
Summerville Presbyterian Church, 11 November 2007
   Summerville Presbyterian Church
   11 November 2007
Fort Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007
   Fort Dorchester, S.C.
   11 November 2007
St. George's Parish Church, Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007
   St. George's Parish Church, Dorchester, S.C.
   11 November 2007
Old Dorchester, S.C., 11 November 2007
   Old Dorchester, S.C.
   11 November 2007
Old White Meeting House, Dorchester, SC, 11 Nov 2007
   Old White Meeting House, Dorchester, SC
   11 Nov 2007
Oxford College, 25 Jan 2008
   Oxford College
   25 Jan 2008
Scans of Midway Deed, 1766, and between 1868 and 1898
   Scans of Midway Deed
   1766, and between 1868 and 1898
Baker Quarterman, 22 July 2007
   Baker Quarterman
   22 July 2007
Three Baker Families
   Baker Families
   5 Oct 2005
George Washington and Midway, 1791
   George Washington and Midway
Rev. I.S.K. Axson, c 1850
   Rev. I.S.K. Axson
   c 1850
   Martha "Miss Mittie" Bullock Roosevelt
Norman Family Tree, 1939
   Norman Family Tree
Aunt Iowa, 1853-1947
   Aunt Iowa
Leonora Savannah Prints, 8 May 2007
   Leonora Savannah Prints
   8 May 2007
Adaline, CMQ, Iowa, 8 May 2007
   Adaline, CMQ, Iowa
   8 May 2007
Adaline Way Quarterman Gravesite, 28 April 2007
   Adaline Way Quarterman Gravesite
   28 April 2007
Quartermans, Oakland Cemetery, Waycross, Ga., 9 Sept 2006
   Oakland Cemetery
   Waycross, Ga.
   9 Sept 2006

   c. 1970s
Leonora Quarterman
   Ed, Mary,
   Mimi, Doug
   c. 1979
Midway Cemetery
   Midway Cemetery
   25 Feb 2005
Midway Steeple
   Midway Steeple
   25 Feb 2005
Leonora's Family Tree
Midway through Time
summer home
   in Ga.
Midway 1946
Chalgrove by Gretchen
Brasses in Chalgrove Church
Chalgrove Quartermain Manor
Chalgrove, Rycote, Thame
Leonora Q.
Midway 1925
New England Primer, 1826
   New England Primer
Joanna Baker Sumner stepgrandchildren, 21 Feb 1741
   Joanna Baker Sumner stepgrandchildren
   21 Feb 1741
Quarterman Family History Project
Benjamin Palmer Axson [index to photographs]

Norman Family Tree, 1939

From: Tom Weiss
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 16:00:07 -0400

Gentlemen and ladies:

Attached are three jpgs representing a family tree compiled by Benjamin Palmer Axson of Savannah in 1939. It is from this and transcriptions of it by others that I got a lot of Norman history. Ken, I think I may have sent this to you before. It has conflicts with the info on your website, but we will let that go for now. The original was in the possession of Claudia Little, who was a granddaughter of Mary Amarintha Norman Beckett. Ms. Little died in 1999. I will attempt to track down one of her children and find out, if I can, what is still available on the Normans from them.

Tom Weiss

Tom sent the three JPEG files showing the three pieces of the tree. I've stitched them together to show the whole tree, in several file formats and file sizes.

Tom also asks me to add a warning that there are some bad mistakes in this tree.

Also, according to Ancestry.com's OneWorldTree, Benjamin Palmer Axson (1871-1943) was a son of Ella Law and Randolph Axson (1838-1902). Randolph was a son of Rev. Isaac Stockton Keith Axson, co-pastor of Midway Church (1836-1849) with Rev. Robert Quarterman, senior pastor (1949-1852), and later pastor of Savannah Independent Presbyterian Church for 40 years.


Big and Top
[Color: big file]
Color: big file
Medium and Middle
[B&w: medium file]
B&w: medium file
Small and Bottom
[Contrast: small file]
Contrast: small file

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