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DNA Project:

Quarterman Family History Project

Quarterman DNA Project

Where did our ancestors come from? How are the various Quarterman families related?

Traditional genealogical research has not yet answered these questions for many of us.

DNA testing now offers further assistance.

The Quarterman DNA project uses FamilyTreeDNA to test DNA samples sent in by volunteers, so that we can compare yDNA (male gene) to follow patrilineal descent.

We also plan to test mtDNA (female gene, or mitrochondrial DNA) to follow matrilineal descent.

The same test sample can be retested later to add more detail.


The Quarterman DNA Project is a global project and open to all who are interested in genealogy. All variant spellings are welcome. If your Surname is missing, we'll be glad to add it.

Surnames in Project:

Quarterman, Quartermain, Quartermaine, Quartremain, Quatermain, Quatremaine, Quatremains, Quatremane, Quatremayne, Quatuormanus, Caterman, Catermint.


John S. Quarterman

Results So Far

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Join Now

Yours could be next; Join now! To join the project and submit a DNA sample, go to the project's FamilyTreeDNA web page. If you are female and have a male Quarterman brother, uncle, father, grandfather, or cousin, see if you can persuade them to join.

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