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The yDNA tests work on the y chromosome that is the sex gene passed down only to male descendants, so test samples for yDNA must come from men or boys. Women can participate by getting a brother, uncle, father, grandfather, or great-grandfather to provide a sample.

Q: What about all the people who consider themselves Midway descendants and Quarterman relatives who do not have an unbroken male line of descent?

A: Use genealogical research to find relatives who are descended from the same Quarterman male ancestor that you are, and persuade one of them to provide a sample. Or participate in the mtDNA testing.


What's a haplogroup?

FamilyTreeDNA I-M223 Y-Haplogroup Project Y-DNA Member Distribution Map for cont2a group: M223>...>L801, Z76>Z183>CTS6433* (Cont2a) - test CTS6433, CTS1977

Some researcher remarked long ago that Quatremaine didn't really seem like a Norman French name, more like Flemish. This map seems to support that, since zero project participants mark their most distant documented ancestor as coming from France, but several do from Belgium (surnames Berckmans, Embregts, and Van Heukelom). Quite a few from Germany (Gersper, Winter, Huber, Breetz, Pausback, Nuber) and Switzerland (Morgenthaler, Friday). A couple from mainland Italy (Vitale shown as Rome because the map goes by latitude and longitude entered by the participants but described as Palermo, and Massignan in the Veneto) and several in Sicily (Morreale, Vitale, and Di Carlo). Is that from the medieval Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, or were they already there thousands of years before? M223 itself apparently mutated in Germany about 9,000 years ago, and the subclade cont2a could easily be thousands of years old, so it's not surprising that a wide variety of surnames show up.

Why this particular subgroup of I-M223? Because it's the one I'm in so far, and so far as I know I'm the only Quarterman (or Quatermaine, etc.) who has joined the I-M223 project. The various subsubgroups of cont2a select further for Scandinavia or Germany or elsewhere, and I have signed up for the 111 marker test and for some more specific SNP tests, so we'll see what else turns up.

Where am I on this European map? Nowhere, because the earliest ancestor we have documented lived in South Carolina. These maps only show places that participants have given for definite known ancestors. Curiously, while there are I-M223 cont2a relatives all over the U.K. and Ireland, none are in Oxfordshire, which is where the larger Quartermaine family would be marked.

The only other Midway names in cont2a (so far) are Jones and Graves, and those do not seem to be actual Midway relatives, since their ancestors come from Tennessee and Virginia. However, elsewhere in I-M223 I see Norman and Elliott and Lord.

-jsq 3 March 2013

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