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Quarterman Family History Project
Joe Quarterman remarked:
"The Camden County Quartermans began when Joseph Quarterman immigrated to Camden County Between 1825 and 1830. From all I have found, all the Quarterman families in Camden County originated with Joseph Quarterman and Martha Brockington, so there should be a common dna strain.

"Here's wishing this project will get off the ground and thanks for all the hard work."

Quarterman DNA Project

Camden County Quartermans

  1. Are they related to the Liberty County Quartermans somewhere back in England?
  2. If so, how far back, and where in England?

Results So Far

The answer to the first question appears to be yes. Joe Pete Quarterman of the Camden County group is an exact match at 12 markers for two Midway Quartermans.

As to how far back the two families are related, FamilyTreeDNA says the probability of a common ancestor within the last
4 generations is33.57
8 generations is55.88
12 generations is70.69
16 generations is80.53
20 generations is87.07
24 generations is91.41
Joe Pete and jsq both know our genealogy back eight generations (to Robert Quarterman in South Carolina, and to Ralfe Quatermaine in Oxfordshire, respectively), so the connection was before that. But if this table of probabilities is correct, probably not much before that.

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