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   of Liberty
   of Dedham,
   and his
   The Quartermans
   of Pennsylvania
   ca. 1750
   to 1860
Dr. Lee's
   Luther and Elise,
   Reminiscences, and
   Home at the Bluff
   Midway History and Records
Quarterman Family History Project

Basic Quarterman References

The Quatremains of Oxfordshire

It is often assumed that the Quartermans of Liberty County, not to mention all Quartermans worldwide, originate from the Quartermans of Oxfordshire. There is a book on that subject, by William Fowler Carter.

Dr. Lee's book

Also in the Oxford County Library is a large format volume of pictures by a Dr. Lee.

Basic Liberty County Quarterman References

A couple of people have mentioned Stacy's book in this list recently, and others seem not to have heard of it. Here are more details on three basic books about Midway.

Stacy's History and Records

The History and Published Records of Midway Congregational Church, Rev. James Stacy, ed.

The Children of Pride

The other traditional basic book about the Midway Society is The Children of Pride: A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War, edited by Robert Manson Myers, published 1972 by Yale University Press.

Quarterman Family of Liberty County, Georgia, and Relatives

We have the perhaps vain hope that our book will become similarly indispensable. In 997 pages it lists 3,500 individuals in 1,400 families over 347 years of family history in America, from Massachusetts through South Carolina to Georgia. See Quarterman Family of Liberty County, Georgia, and Relatives.

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