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Now available! In 2018 Kindle Edition.
Quarterman Family
of Liberty County, Georgia
and Relatives
by Jane Quarterman Comer,
David Leon Quarterman,
Stephen Patrick Quarterman,
John Sinclair Quarterman
This book is first in the series
Families Helped Build America
The book is Copyright © 1997 Quarterman Family History Project
LCCN 97-69321 ISBN 0-87152-510-0
Publication arrangements by:
The Reprint Company, Publishers
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Reader Comments

``In 1997, descendants of the Southern Quartermans published a tome of 997 pages, Quarterman Family of Liberty County, Georgia and Relatives. The South Carolina Group is included. This volume contains the pedigrees of hundreds of individuals. It is beautifully produced and based on sound research and excellent reporting.'' more...

250written, oral, and other sources
450genealogical charts
9,000index entries (including women's married and maiden names)
347years of family history in America
79years in the making

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More Quarterman Book Comments

``...the massive Quarterman family history published in 1997. This is a huge, beautiful book, with an impressive amount of information,....''

``I'm still enjoying the book, by the way. I keep going over and over it and catching new things.''

``Let me tell you something spectacular. The Quartermans have really gone after the family connection. I have still some trouble with my Bakers and another person, but they really put out a heck of a book.''

``I can't put the book down. It is very interesting and easy reading!''

``My ancestors are from Midway Church, and I would be thrilled to have a copy of your (Quarterman) book. ''

``I now have a copy of your book and really enjoy it. It is really well done and I believe any Quarterman is missing a major part of their library without it.''

``I agree with the book that we will find a connection between the Liberty and Camden County Quartermans of Oxfordshire.''

``Hello and a great Christmas and New Year and Millenium to you and all our cousins and families. Thanks to you and your branch for all the hard work and success with the Quarterman Book. I have really enjoyed using it.''

``Thanks again for your hard work....''

``As a side note, I ordered TWO Quarterman Books...it is not our line of the family, but I am determined to be the individual whom finds the "link" between the Q's of Midway and our Q's of Camden County, Georgia.''

``As you may have read in Stacy or the Quarterman book, the Midway church sent out her first missionaries quite ceremoniously around 1845. They were some of North America's first wave of foreign missionaries to the Far East. Pastor Robert Quarterman's son (Rev. John Winn Quarterman) and daughter Susannah Q. Way (wife of Rev. Richard Quarterman Way) had a tearful send-off from the church.''

``After receiving the Quarterman book and reviewing the marriages of Lydia Ann Andrews, I have had to review the method by which I have determined that Lydia was my ancestor. And I am about to sadly conclude that my suppositions were all inaccurate. I now believe that I have pursued the wrong Andrews. Although names and dates are eerily same or close, my Lydia Ann I know with certainty, married Benjamin Pulliam in Franklin co, NC, and came west to Ripley county, MO, where she died in 1860 while in childbirth. The Lydia Ann, daughter of Micajah Andrews and Ann Q. is listed as marrying three times, none of them to a Pulliam. Unless the book statements are incorrect, my suppostions are completely incorrect, and I must pursue the search for the correct Andrews in NC.''

``I thank you for your offer to help, I have been waiting on the Q book to help solve the puzzles.''
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