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Status as of February 1998

It's ready! The book is printed and has been shipped. If you already ordered a book, you should have received it by now. If you want to order one, now's the time!

Status as of 16 Jan 1998

And yet another delay at the printer. The books have been bound. They are now supposed to ship next week.

Status as of December 1997

Yet another delay at the printer. As of 11 December 1997, the pages of the book have been printed, but they have not yet been folded or bound, and won't be until late next week.

Status as of November 1997

There has been a delay at the printer, but the publisher assures us that the book will be printed the week of 24 November 1997 and that you will thus see your books in early December. Those of you who ordered more than one book will receive them directly from the printer. All of you who ordered any books should by now have received a letter from the publisher to this effect.

We hope this is the last time we will have to ask for your patience, and we hope you will find the end product worth the wait.

The Aug 1997 status update

The Jun 1997 status update

The Nov 1996 status letter

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