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Midway, Georgia

Most of this Midway group derived from Oxfordshire or nearby and it is supposed that these Quartermans did too.

The Quartermans of Midway Church in Liberty County, Georgia came from South Carolina in 1752. Many of the other ancestors of this group came from Mass. to S.C. in 1695 shortly after objecting to the Witch Trials. Before that they came from England to New England in 1630. They were The Only Puritan Colony in the Southern States.

The Midway group sent a delegation to the First Continental Congress even though Georgia wouldn't. Midway Church was burnt for their pains, but they rebuilt it in 1792 and the county was named Liberty County because of their efforts.

They are scattered now, but many (well, many for Quartermans :-) live in Savannah, Toccoa, Lowndes County, New Orleans, etc.

The Midway Society continues to hold an annual meeting, always on the last Sunday in April even if there are five.

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