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Liberty County Marriages
Midway Church Birth Records
Midway Church Baptism Records
Midway Church Marriage Records
Midway Church Death Records
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Midway Church Records

Here are reformattings by Tom G. Weiss of the Midway Church records and Liberty County Marriages as found on the Liberty County GaGenWeb pages, which in turn were presumably derived from Rev. James Stacy's Published Records of Midway Congregational Church.

Tom says:

[Dates from] the web site have been reformatted [into Excel] to make it possible to sort on them:
Dates that were mm/dd/yyyy are now yyyy/mm/dd
Dates that were mm/-/yyyy are now yyyy/mm/-
Dates that were yyyy are still yyyy
The beauty of all this is that one can sort [the Excel versions] on a family name, then by children, or by date of birth second, or by spouse in the marriage spreadsheets.
Liberty County MarriagesHTMLExcelCSV
Midway Church Baptism RecordsHTMLExcelCSV
Midway Church Birth RecordsHTMLExcelCSV
Midway Church Death RecordsHTMLExcelCSV
Midway Church Marriage RecordsHTMLExcelCSV

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