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Re: John Wellborn Martin


>This brings up something that maybe you know might know something about:

Bits are cheap.  Let's put this in a separate message
so it will be easier to follow in our new list archives,

>I am told that John Wellborn Martin was a cousin of  the Quarterman's. He is 
>also related to me through the Gerrish family,
>He was the 24th Governor of Florida  01/06/25 to 01/08/29. Practice law in 
>Jacksonville,  Florida  He ran for US Senate, but was defeated.
>Born 1884   Died 1958

I wouldn't be at all surprised.  There are many Martins in our database,
including several Johns.  Several of the Martins married Winn, Donnom,
Quarterman, so they're probably as intertwined as the rest of the Midway

John Wellborn Martin himself isn't in the database, but that may be simply
because we didn't follow that line far enough to encounter him.
The same was true of Oliver Wendell Holmes until I dug up the connection.

According to

 Martin, John Wellborn (1884-1958) Grandson of James Byeram Owens. Born
      June 21, 1884. Mayor of Jacksonville, Fla., 1917-23; Governor of
      Florida, 1925-29. Died February 22, 1958.  Interment at Evergreen
      Cemetery, Jacksonville, Fla. Martin County, Fla. is named for him.

Here's a picture and biography:

And more:

Regarding his grandfather:

 Owens, James Byeram (c.1816-1889) Brother-in-law of Ethelbert
      Barksdale; grandfather of John Wellborn Martin. Born
      near Winnsboro, S.C. Delegate to Florida secession convention,
      1861; Delegate from Florida to the Confederate Provisional
      Congress, 1861-62. Died August 1, 1889. Interment at Evergreen
      Cemetery, Ocala, Fla.

According to our database, he was a planter in Fairfield Co., S.C.,
before moving to Marion Co., Fla.  His daughter Jessie Louise ``Lou'' OWENS
married Samuel Cassels QUARTERMAN, so there's your connection.
And that connection makes John Wellborn Martin specifically
a rather close cousin of our own Wiley Jarrell.

Wiley, did Lou Owens have any brothers or sisters?
Seems as if she must have had a sister who was Martin's mother.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>