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Re: George Gerrish Quarterman you wanted:


>Here's the info. on George Gerrish Quarterman you wanted:


What's the Neptune Society?

>1) Died 11/26/99   in  Fort Worth, TX  prostrate cancer
>2) Cremated and he ashes were spread over the Pacific Ocean by the Neptune
>Society of Santa Barbara
>3) A marker will be placed in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida 
>where his mother is buried Mary Ada Gerrish Quarterman 
>4) He enjoyed life to the fullest. Loved classical music and the arts. He was 
>joking around. A week before he died, the nurse ask him where he was and he 
>said on the roof. She was worried, but I had to explain he was just being 

There are two types of Quartermans: those with a sense of humor
and those without.  It's good to hear you are of the former variety.
I won't say which kind I am. :-)

>I am also still looking for an information regarding George's father, my 
>Joseph F. Quarterman.  Wiley Jarrell found that possibly he moved to New 
>Jersey after he divorced my grandmother.
>He was born 1882 and  died (?) 1941,  father Joseph Melanchthon Quarterman b. 
>1828 Georgia  d. 1858 Florida
>Does anyone have any information on him.

We know who Joseph Melanchthon Quarterman was; son of Rev. Robert Quarterman
and Eliza Winn Cassels.
His epitaph:
 ``A grateful tribute to pastoral faithfulness,
  The trumpet of the watchman is still, but a new harp
  is strung in heaven.''

For him we didn't have a son Joseph F. Quarterman, rather a
Joseph Melanchthon Quarterman Jr., married Eva Johnson in Florida,
died 1895.  Is this the same person?

Or do you mean grandson, as in:
son: Joseph Melanchton QUARTERMAN
son: Samuel Cassels QUARTERMAN
son: Joseph ``Joe'' QUARTERMAN
daughter: Dorothy QUARTERMAN

I just realized this is the same Samuel Cassels Quarterman who
married Jessie ``Lou'' Owens, so you're a cousin of John Wellborn Martin,
just as you said.  Family tradition often proves out.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>