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Re: Happy New Year


Happy New Year to you.

That for the interesting information.
This brings up something that maybe you know might know something about:

I am told that John Wellborn Martin was a cousin of  the Quarterman's. He is 
also related to me through the Gerrish family,

He was the 24th Governor of Florida  01/06/25 to 01/08/29. Practice law in 
Jacksonville,  Florida  He ran for US Senate, but was defeated.

Born 1884   Died 1958

Here's the info. on George Gerrish Quarterman you wanted:

1) Died 11/26/99   in  Fort Worth, TX  prostrate cancer

2) Cremated and he ashes were spread over the Pacific Ocean by the Neptune
Society of Santa Barbara

3) A marker will be placed in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida 
where his mother is buried Mary Ada Gerrish Quarterman 

4) He enjoyed life to the fullest. Loved classical music and the arts. He was 
joking around. A week before he died, the nurse ask him where he was and he 
said on the roof. She was worried, but I had to explain he was just being 

I am also still looking for an information regarding George's father, my 
Joseph F. Quarterman.  Wiley Jarrell found that possibly he moved to New 
Jersey after he divorced my grandmother.

He was born 1882 and  died (?) 1941,  father Joseph Melanchton Quarterman b. 
1828 Georgia  d. 1858 Florida

Does anyone have any information on him.


Happy New Year to everyone!

Beverly Jones Saunders (mother Dorothy Elizabeth Quaterman)