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Re: Happy Holidays


>Happy holidays to you!  I am really enthused about the camaraderie of the 
>Quarterman family!

Great.  And, as you've seen by Clay's message, you've discovered some
more relatives already.

>  My grandmother, Leila Helen Quarterman (1894-1984), had 
>so many roots in Liberty County.  As a child, some 40 years ago, I remember 
>going to Flemington and visiting her sister and husband, Ethel and Montez 
>Day. Their daughter Fleta May Sanford is still living in Flemington with her 
>husband, CR, I think.

A Quarterman actually still living in Liberty County!

>Grandmother Leila had another sister, Sadie, that lived on the 'ole 
>homeplace in Walthourville.  I remember visiting her there about 30 years 
>ago.  What a glimpse into history. The house had many antique treasures and 
>resembled life when they were children.  The kitchen was down a catwalk.  
>The old outhouse was still standing.

That is old style.

>We also visited the old Walthourville cemetary.  Aunt Ethel was distraught 
>over the missing "cannon ball" from Uncle ? Quarterman's grave.  All was 
>well when we found it on display the next day at the Midway Museum.
>How do I find the actual family tree to fill in our family branch?

Well, we have a little book; see

>   I know 
>my father's deceased sister, Elizabeth Leonard Ozburn, was a member of the 
>DAR.  I do not know her number or any of the information to establish my 
>geneology.  The local chapter of the DAR, Himmershee, encourages me to join 
>all the time.

Oh, you will be able to join.

Thanks for sending all that information.  We'll put it in the database
and get back to you in a bit; got to eat turkey now.

Regarding the Midway Meetings, the schedule seems to be keyed to Easter,
but I don't completely understand it.  Best thing to do is to join the
Midway Society so you get their mailings.  I will also attempt to get
the relevant information and post it here.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>