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Re: Happy Holidays

Hi John....

Happy holidays to you!  I am really enthused about the camaraderie of the 
Quarterman family!  My grandmother, Leila Helen Quarterman (1894-1984), had 
so many roots in Liberty County.  As a child, some 40 years ago, I remember 
going to Flemington and visiting her sister and husband, Ethel and Montez 
Day. Their daughter Fleta May Sanford is still living in Flemington with her 
husband, CR, I think.

Grandmother Leila had another sister, Sadie, that lived on the 'ole 
homeplace in Walthourville.  I remember visiting her there about 30 years 
ago.  What a glimpse into history. The house had many antique treasures and 
resembled life when they were children.  The kitchen was down a catwalk.  
The old outhouse was still standing.

We also visited the old Walthourville cemetary.  Aunt Ethel was distraught 
over the missing "cannon ball" from Uncle ? Quarterman's grave.  All was 
well when we found it on display the next day at the Midway Museum.

How do I find the actual family tree to fill in our family branch?   I know 
my father's deceased sister, Elizabeth Leonard Ozburn, was a member of the 
DAR.  I do not know her number or any of the information to establish my 
geneology.  The local chapter of the DAR, Himmershee, encourages me to join 
all the time.

I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.....My father, William B. Leonard, was 
born in Walthourville, Ga and moved to Miami, Florida as a child of two.  
His mother was Leila H. Quarterman.  His father was Talbert A. Leonard.  TA 
as he was known, was from South Carolina and was the founder of Leonard 
Brothers Trucking with his two brothers.

After service in WWII, My father moved to Ft. Lauderdale and started his own 
business.  In 1974, he and I started a community/commercial bank.  My father 
past away in 1988, I then assumed the president's office for awhile, 
maintained control and ultimately now just chair the Board of Directors.

I have three sons, Raymond Allen Hensler (b.1967), William Franklin Norman 
(b.1981) and Robert Paul Norman (b.1983) My first husband, Raymond S. 
Hensler died in 1976, My second husband, Paul E. Norman and I are 
divorced....so in 1986, I went back to maiden name,Leonard, as my surname.

I appreciate the news about the April meetings of the Midway Society.  I 
need to find out exactly when it is.  I will be in Moscow, Russia from April 
1st to April 8th.  I go there every year to teach English to Russian 
students.  We stay in a KGB camp with the students and spend hours of study 
time with them.  This is something new that has been allowed because of the 
emerging strength of the Russian Church.  Neat, huh?

Well, there you have it.  That is the abridged version of who I am.  I still 
don't quite have the hang of getting around to everyone...so I'll just write 
you with my info.

Love to hear more...

Mickie Allen Leonard (Allen side is out of Alabama)

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