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Leonard Connections

To: mickie leonard

Dear Mickie,				Odessa, Ukraine, 23 December, 1999

Greetings from Ukraine. How strange to hear of you through the Quarterman
net! I recognize several names you listed, because my Grandfather Thomas
Palmer ("Bus-eye") Quarterman used to speak of his Aunt Sadie, etc. I even
knew Bud, and I was in college with Ray & Janice Leonard. We call each
outher "cuz" because of our distant, almost-5th-cousin relation. We also
knew John & Christie through MTW.

We've lived in Odessa, Ukraine, for the past 5 years, doing humanitarian aid
and assisting the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Odessa. Before that, we
worked in Lisbon, Portugal, for 14 years.

My Father lives in Jackson, MS, and I'll pass this on to him so he can fill
you in on the family relations. He's got the Quarterman bug, too.

We have a brass rubbing from the old Chalgrove church near Oxford in our
front hallway, and Ukrainians often comment on it. It's been so interesting
to talk with them and find out that very, very few people know their
heritage or have been able to preserve it -- or have wanted to, due to
different persecutions, etc. What a different viewpoint! But I'm always glad
to share with them about the blessings of God upon our family and our
country. To me, the family tree doesn't speak of pride, but of humility
under the Gracious, undeserved Blessing of God.

I'm intrigued by your going to teach in Russia. How'd that come about? How's
your Russian? Please send your personal email so we can continue
correspondence without bothering the Q network.

In Service of Christ,
Dr. Clay Quarterman
MTW, Odessa, Ukraine