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Re: George G. Quarterman age 89

>Fun4travl2@aol.com wrote:
>> This is just a note to say that my uncle died a 
>> couple of weeks ago.
>     Beverly was able to get her uncle George on
>     a phone conversation with my uncle Joe.  They
>     had played together as kids and had not seen
>     each other for about 79 years.  My uncle Joe
>     turned 93 on 5 Dec.
>     Now, neither George nor Joe had anything to 
>     do with computers but they had nephews and
>     nieces who did.
>     Is this a wonderful world we live in, or what!


>     My apologies John, I know this isn't a chit chat 

Can be.

>     area and you know I don't do idle chit chat<G>.

No, never. :-)

>Wiley Alston Jarrell
>15610 Edenvale
>Friendswood Tx, 77546