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Re: Happy Holidays

At 10:16 AM 12/19/1999 -0600, you wrote:
>I imagine everyone is flying and driving around about now.  I'm heading
>for Georgia Tuesday.
>Meanwhile, another cousin has just joined the list.  Perhaps she will
>introduce herself.
>In any case, Merry Christmas.
>John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>

>>>>>Hello and a great Christmas and New Year and Millenium to you and all
our cousins and families.  Thanks to you and your branch for all the hard
work and success with the Quarterman Book.  I have really enjoyed using it.  

Please give your brother David my best regards.  I don't have his e-mail
address..  I remember our phonecon many years ago regarding the Camden
County branch of our family. It would surely have been more convenient had
I had a computer then.  I agree with the book that  we will find a
connection between the Liberty and Camden County Quartermans of Oxfordshire.

Have a good trip back to Georgia and my best wishes to all.

Samuel Joseph {Joe Pete) Quarterman