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Re: quartermains


Please copy the list.  Others are interested in this discussion.

>Thank you for the information, the plaque is interesting as it contains a
>All I can say is that it is in error on one point and dodgy on another.

Can't say as I'm surprised.

>Robert Q "gent" was not a near relation of Richard of Rycote. Richard's 9th
>gt grandfather was brother of Robert's 16th gt grandfather.

Can you give the lineage on that?  When I tried to trace it using
information from the Carter book I think I came up with something
closer than that, although it still wasn't very close.

>A Richard was Duke of Gloucester.He was also Duke of York. Possibly from
>1450 until 1483 when he became Richard lll King of England. He died at
>Bosworth Field in 1485,saying "my horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse.
>Dukes of Gloucester were always of royal blood.

I don't think that's the Richard the plaque mentioned,
not unless Richard III founded Rycot.

>I think that the person who raised the plaque may have been trying to make
>his family out to be more important than it actually was. After all
>Richard, either one, had died about 200 years earlier.


Do you know John W. Steel-Clark of the Chalgrove Local History Group?
He would probably know more about this plaque.

>Kate and David Ferris

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>