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Quarterman relatives

Hi - My name is Linda Yeadon, I was born a Quarterman in 1949 and up
till I dialed into this web site thought that there were very few
Quarterman's anywhere.  To our knowledge my brother Donald L and his
son Troy were the only ones in this part of the country.  I was talking
to my father Leo Leslie Quarterman Saturday and all he could tell me
about his/my family was that they were decended from a William
Quarterman a photographer from the Iowa area, originally from somewhere
in England, no one knows where, and he settled in the Prairie du
Chien/Wyalusing, Wisconsin area in probably the mid to late 1800's
leaving several sons of whom Floyd Leslie was my grandfather. My father
and I would appreciate any information anyone could give us on how we
might be related to any other Quarterman's out there.  Thank you.