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Re: quartermains

>From Edward Quarterman, Gloucestershire via

1. Gloster is the old colloquial spelling of Gloucester the city, and is
still in use today, as in the Gloster Regiment and names of businesses
2. Dukes are not necessarily royalty - if they are it is a coincidence!

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Date: 07 June 1999 14:17
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>>Received your message. Very puzzled by it.
>>Gloster is I think, Gloucester.
>> But Richard Q was not as far as I can find
>>out even a knight. His ancesters were knights, Sir William for example.
>>Duke is usually the title of a member of the royal family, but not always
>>must admit.
>>Can you quote source for this information.
>Yes.  It's the plaque in the church in Chalgrove, which reads:
>                       Robert Quatremaine
>                     Gent., who died at the
>                   Manor House of Langley Hall
>               in Chalgrove in the county of Oxon
>                        lyes buried here.
>            And Elizabeth his wife & Richard & Robert
>           [hi]s sons and Cicely his daughter the wife
>        of []m Sims and Elizabeth the daughter of Robert
>             Quatremaine & wife of Alexander Hawkins
>            []n & Martha the children of Alexander &
>             [Eliza]beth Hawkins and Martha Wade the
>             [G]randdaughter of Frances the wife of
>             Robert Quatremaine Junior who in the Me
>                mory of the above Persons caused
>           [this] Monument to be made in the Yeare of
>            [Our] Lord 1692. This Quatremaine is near
>             related to Richard Quatremaine Duke of
>            [G]loster who lyeth interd in Tame Church
>                        who built Ricut.
>              Near this place lyeth also interd the
>                Body of Robt. Quatremaine, Gent.
>               The son of Richd and Martha Quatre
>                     maine who died the 15th
>                      day of December 1697
>                         Aged 47 years.
>                            Memen[to]
>                              Mori.
>>Kate and David Ferris
>John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>