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Re: quartermain

Please copy the list.  Others are interested in this discussion.

>That was the whole point of my message. If Richard, Duke of Gloucester was
>busy at war and being King then he couldn't be the Richard Quartermain that
>built Rycote at the same time. They were not the same people!

You didn't mention the part about at the same time.
Yes, that is a good point.

>The generations were a guess on my part. 30yrs a generation 200 divided by
>30 = 7. 9+7=16. Which was I thought near enough to prove a point.

The point apparently being that this Robert was 200 years later.  Yes,
that's true.  However, my point was that his line branches off rather close
to this Richard, which is "near related" over such a time span.

>Who is this Carter? I have never heard of him/her. I presume he or she has
>written a book on the Q family.

William F. Carter, B.A.,
The Quatremaines of Oxfordshire,
Oxford University Press, Oxford, England, 1936.

There is a copy in the Oxfordshire County Library.

>Kate and David Ferris