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Inscriptions on Tombs in Thame

Quarterman, Victoria (UK - England)
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 14:48:41 +0100

Carters interpretation [of the inscription on the tombs in Thame] is as follows:

O certeyn deth that now hast overthrow
Richard Quatremayns Squyer and Sibil his wife that lie here now full (low)
That with rial Princes of Counsel was true and wise famed
To Richard Duke of York and aftur with his sone Kyng Edward the IIIIth named
That foundid in the Churche of Thame a chauntrie vi pore men and a fraternytie
In the worship of Seynt Cristfere to be relevid in perpetuyte
(They)that of her almys for thr Soulis a paternoster and (ave) devoutly wul
Say of holy fadurs is grauntid they perdon of dayes forty alwey.
Wiche Richard and Sibil oute of this Worlde passid in the yere of oure Lord A MCCCCLX
Uppon their Soules Ihu haue mercy. Amen"
Carter notes that 'Her almys' means 'their alms' ie their charity'.

Further note that the date has not been finished so presumably it was done in Richards life and upon his death noone finished it.

Further in St Marys Church guide it states that the other tomb stone (ie that of Thomas Quatermain died 1342 and his wife Katherine, their son Thomas died 1396 and his wife Joan was formerly known as the 'poor stone' because charitable gifts were placed on it before distribution.

Carter refers to Dr Lee's interpretation of the wording on this tomb as when Carter found that most of the brass strip surrounding the tomb which contained had almost completely been torn away.

Carter quotes 'Dr Lee from Cottonian MS. Cleoptra C iii, folio 3b ' as follows:

'Hic jacent Thomas Quatremayn de Notrh Westene (et) Kath'r'na uxor eius quee fuit filia Roberti d'ni de Grey Rotherfeld' qui obierunt vi die Junii Anno d'ni millesimo cccxlij. Similiterque hic jacent Thomas filius precicti Thome Quatremayn et Johanna uxor eius qui quidem Thomas obiit vi die Maii Millesimo ccclxxxxvi quorum animabus p'picietur Deus. Amen.'
Carter notes that of the small part remaining that the word 'Militis' exists after 'Grey Rithirfeld.
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