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Comparison of Quarterman Mailing Lists

There are at least three public mailing lists related to Quarterman families, including other spelling such as Quatremaine.

Quarterman Book Discussion List

If you're a Midway Quarterman, this is the list for you. It is run by Midway Quarterman family members. This list is intended for discussion of the book, Quarterman Family of Liberty County, Georgia, and Relatives and related subjects such as genealogy, family, and history. There are list members from various families.

For instructions, see:

Quarterman Families Discussion List

This is the oldest list. It is run by Quarterman family members. The list is quite eclectic, with discussions ranging from genealogy to history to places to religion. The list includes Quartermans, Quatremains, and other variants on the name. It includes members of the many Quarterman families, from Oxfordshire to Canada to Australia, including the three largest Quarterman families in the United States.

For instructions, see: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/quarterman-families

Genforum list

This list has sporadic postings. It appears to have been started as one of a large number of surname lists. So far as we know, it has no direct association with any Quarterman family.

For instructions, see: http://genforum.genealogy.com/quarterman/

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