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Re: Rebecca Quarterman m. John Norman

Of course I am Melissa Norman Evans born 05/06/1967 in Albany, Georgia. 
 I have two children, Brittany Nicole Evans born 08/26/1987 and Taylor 
Renee' Evans born 09/20/1994, both in Albany, Georgia.  I was married to 
Dale Leroy Evans on 01/06/1996 in Holt, Florida at my father's home. 
 Dale was born 02/19/1961, also in Albany, Georgia.  Dale adopted both 
of my children after our marriage.

My father is:  Herman Edward Norman, Jr. born 10/13/1947 in Albany 
Georgia to Herman Edward Norman, Sr. and Grace Aldean Latham.  Herman, 
Sr. was born 09/18/1926 in Moultrie, Georgia to Harmon Norman and Amy 
Aurelia Charlie Wood.  He passed away on 06/07/1971 in Denver Colorado. 
 He is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Albany, Georgia.

Harmon Norman was born 08/17/1887 and died in 1951.  He is buried at 
Hopewell Cemetery in Moultrie, Georgia along with his wife and three of 
their children.  One of the children, Harmon, was the twin to my 
grandfather, Herman.

Harmon is the son of Moses Xerxes and Julia Ann McMullin.

I have two great aunts that are still living {children of Harmon and 
Amy}.  Both are in their late 80's.  One is where quite a bit of my info 
has came from.  

As I did not know the Norman side of my family until just recentlly, I 
am very interested in garnering as much info as I can for my children 
and their children, etc.  History is very important to me and I would 
like to be able to pass this along to them.

Thank you for all of your help.

Melissa Norman Evans

Melissa N Evans wrote:

>I descend from of course Rebecca and John on through their son Richard 
>through Artaxerxes through David B. through Moses Xerxes through Harmon 
>onto Herman and then my father.  I havae been working on my Norman line 
>for a couple of years here and there, as well as my husband's line.  Any 
>help that anyone can give or info they will share is so greatly 
>appreciated.  And of course any help or info that I have, I am very 
>willing to share as well.  I only have a date of death for Rebecca as 
>21APR1797.  I have her mother listed as Rebecca Bacon but nothing on her 

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