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Re: Who am I.

>Do you have a list of the blacks that came from tha Quarterman names. 

So far as I know, there is no definitive list.

Many are mentioned in basic books about Midway, such as
 Stacy's History and Records of Midway Church

 Myers, The Children of Pride

However, those sources are limited by what was recorded by contemporaries,
which was sketchy about blacks.

Many modern African-American Quartermans trace their ancestry to Midway.
There is (or at least used to be; I haven't heard about it in a few years)
an annual reunion in Savannah.

I think some of them are on the book list,

I'd suggest joining that list and asking there.

Also, if you can say a bit about your ancestors, I may be able to
put you in touch with one or more likely relatives.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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