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Re: Rebecca Quarterman m. John Norman


I descend from of course Rebecca and John on through their son Richard 
through Artaxerxes through David B. through Moses Xerxes through Harmon 
onto Herman and then my father.  I havae been working on my Norman line 
for a couple of years here and there, as well as my husband's line.  Any 
help that anyone can give or info they will share is so greatly 
appreciated.  And of course any help or info that I have, I am very 
willing to share as well.  I only have a date of death for Rebecca as 
21APR1797.  I have her mother listed as Rebecca Bacon but nothing on her 

Thanks for your reply!

Melissa Norman Evans

John S. Quarterman wrote:

>>These were my 6th g. grandparents.  Any help on either of these lines is great
>>ly appreciated.
>They were my 5th g. grandparents, which makes us 6th cousins once removed.
>We don't know much about John Norman, but we know quite a bit Rebecca
>Quarterman.  Most of it is in the book,
> Quarterman Family of Liberty County, Georgia and Relatives
> http://www.quarterman.org/book.html

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