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Re: Quatremayne of Thame and Fowler

Richard Fowler is not related to Richard Quatremain or Sybil Englefield at
all, I believe he was left the Rycote Estate by Richard and Sybil and lost
it gambling. I have a list of all the owners of Rycote.

Syd Quarterman

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Subject: Quatremayne of Thame and Fowler

> Nancy Reu has provided some pictures of tombs in Chalgrove and Thame.
>  http://www.quarterman.org/pictures/mandreu/index.html
> There are many interesting questions about the people represented.
> For example, how was Richard Fowler, who appears in brass on the
> same tomb as Richard and Sybil Quatremayne, related to them?
> Here's another version of the brass of Richard Quatremayne,
> councillor to Richard Duke of York and to Edward IV, 1478 engr.
> c. 1460, Thame, Oxfordshire:
>  http://www.mbs-brasses.co.uk/pic_lib/York_Thame_Brass.htm
> He appears to have been one of the more prominent supporters of the
> House of York in the Wars of the Roses:
>  http://www.mbs-brasses.co.uk/pic_lib/Picture_Library-THE_YORKISTS.htm
> Richard Fowler d. 3 Nov 1477 was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,
> according to Matthew Adams Stickney in his book The Fowler Family.
> Richard Fowler's mother was Cecily Englefield who married William Fowler.
> Richard Quartermayne's wife's maiden name was Sybil Englefield.
> Cecily Englefield's first child's name was Sibilla Fowler.
> Her second child was Richard Fowler the future Chancellor.
> In other words, neither of her children were named for herself
> or her husband; instead they have the names of Richard and Sybil
> Quartremayne.  So perhaps Sybil and Cecily Englefield were sisters.
> If so, Chancellor Fowler was Sybil Englefield Quartermayne's nephew.
> And indeed, according to Rev. Frederick George Lee in his
> The History, Description, and Antiquities of the Prebendal Church of
> the Blessed Virgin Mary of Thame, In the County and Diocese of Oxford,
> etc., they were sisters.  I think William Fowler Carter in his book
> The Quatremains of Oxfordshire agreed with Lee on this point.
> Does anyone have a copy of the Carter book handy to check this?
> Amusingly enough, Sibilla Fowler married Sir Thomas Danvers,
> and Richard Fowler married Joane Danvers.  Danvers siblings?
> Yes, and their grandmother was Matilda Quatremayne, sister of
> Richard (according to Lee and Carter).
> Richard and Joane Quatremayne's son was named Sir Richard ``Quartermayne''
> Fowler.  The middle name may have been just an nickname.
> This Sir Richard inherited the Manors of Rycott and North Weston,
> and later sold Rycott.  He had eight children, after which I lose
> track of them.
> The names Fowler and Danvers pop up again a hundred years later
> in Massachusetts.  Same Fowlers and Danvers?  I don't know.
> John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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