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Re: Quatremayne of Thame and Fowler

>Nancy Reu has provided some pictures of tombs in Chalgrove and Thame.
> http://www.quarterman.org/pictures/mandreu/index.html
>There are many interesting questions about the people represented.

It's not clear how many people are interested in the genealogical details,
but those who are, please see these charts:



The charts derive from a transcription I made several years ago from charts
photocopied from a copy of Dr. Lee's book in the Oxford County Library.

Be warned that Dr. Lee's book,

has many known errors, and thus so do these charts.
For example, Joane Bruley and Joane Burley are probably
the same person.

Why did I draw the charts at all?  Because a lot of what is
in them is correct, and I hope at some point to be able to
produce better ones using data from Carter's book,

Has anyone found a copy to reproduce yet?

Also, I have some other information on the Littleton line,
which continues to this day in Australia.
Patricia Magee, are you out there?

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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