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Quatremayne of Thame and Fowler

Nancy Reu has provided some pictures of tombs in Chalgrove and Thame.


There are many interesting questions about the people represented.

For example, how was Richard Fowler, who appears in brass on the
same tomb as Richard and Sybil Quatremayne, related to them?

Here's another version of the brass of Richard Quatremayne,
councillor to Richard Duke of York and to Edward IV, 1478 engr.
c. 1460, Thame, Oxfordshire:


He appears to have been one of the more prominent supporters of the
House of York in the Wars of the Roses:


Richard Fowler d. 3 Nov 1477 was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,
according to Matthew Adams Stickney in his book The Fowler Family.
Richard Fowler's mother was Cecily Englefield who married William Fowler.

Richard Quartermayne's wife's maiden name was Sybil Englefield.
Cecily Englefield's first child's name was Sibilla Fowler.
Her second child was Richard Fowler the future Chancellor.
In other words, neither of her children were named for herself
or her husband; instead they have the names of Richard and Sybil
Quartremayne.  So perhaps Sybil and Cecily Englefield were sisters.
If so, Chancellor Fowler was Sybil Englefield Quartermayne's nephew.

And indeed, according to Rev. Frederick George Lee in his
The History, Description, and Antiquities of the Prebendal Church of
the Blessed Virgin Mary of Thame, In the County and Diocese of Oxford,
etc., they were sisters.  I think William Fowler Carter in his book
The Quatremains of Oxfordshire agreed with Lee on this point.
Does anyone have a copy of the Carter book handy to check this?

Amusingly enough, Sibilla Fowler married Sir Thomas Danvers,
and Richard Fowler married Joane Danvers.  Danvers siblings?
Yes, and their grandmother was Matilda Quatremayne, sister of
Richard (according to Lee and Carter).

Richard and Joane Quatremayne's son was named Sir Richard ``Quartermayne''
Fowler.  The middle name may have been just an nickname.
This Sir Richard inherited the Manors of Rycott and North Weston,
and later sold Rycott.  He had eight children, after which I lose
track of them.

The names Fowler and Danvers pop up again a hundred years later
in Massachusetts.  Same Fowlers and Danvers?  I don't know.

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