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Re: Searching for distant relative

>Hello, I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone can offer in searching 
>for a distant relative, Heater Quaterman.
>She lived in Oxfordshire in 1974 at which time i believe she was in her late t
>eens/early twenties.  unfortunately that is where my trail ends.

Did you have any luck with this?

>Also i would just like to say well done to the organisers of this site.  i am 
>researching my family history but it will be some time before i have as much i
>nformation as your site.

Glad you like it.  Much of it comes from list contributors, and there's more
of that that I haven't added yet.

>yours hopefully,
>Darren Walker. 

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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