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Re: Quarterman's


 Has John Blair got his information off Rita Stafford from Thame. 

At this point I don't know where his information came from.  I'm working on accessing the article from the English Historical Review, as is, I believe, Victoria.  Or at least contacting Dr. Blair to find out more.  

Rita was gathering information about the Quarterman's till her Husband died. I believe she has passed all her information on to someone. 

It could very well be Dr. Blair, or someone else he has used as a source.

I met Rita at Rycott Chapel. She gave me a brief statement of where she was at the time. I still have it. 

It may be helpful to contact Rita, if it's possible to do so.

Also Ken Moore from New Zealand has written a Memoir on the
Quarterman-main family.

Still more information out there!!

By the way, did I see some of your work on a Surname list for Oxfordshire a while back?  I almost contacted you at the time.  A Syd Quarterman worked at the college I attended, but that was here in the States, so I decided you probably weren't the same person.


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