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RE: Interesting articles

>If you let me have the web site address for the English Historical Review I will try to find out where I can obtain a copy of the article. 

Here it is:
Sorry--I don't know how to make it a link, but you can copy and paste it to your browser address window.

Do we know whether John Blair is a Don at Queens College or a student? 

He is referred to as Dr. John Blair.  I don't know about Great Britain, but in the U.S. the title Dr. would suggest that he is more likely to be a don (or professor, here) than a student.

I live in Oxford so I could try phoning or visiting the college?
That would be wonderful!  One of my dreams is to one day visit Magdalen College at Oxford and search the library for Quarterman and other family information.

Anything you can find on John Blair or his research would be helpful.
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