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Quarterman Dates

   November 20

   1778: Midway flees, ``Friday, 20. Our Small Party fell almost into an
   ambuscade of the enemy, who had a Field Piece with them, fired upon
   our men and wounded Col. John Baker and Mr. William Goulding -- drove
   off our men and marched on.

   This neighborhood of Midway fled from their habitations, some to the
   Fort at the House of John Winn, Esq., and many to Ogeechee.'' Source:

   1910: Revolution broke out in Mexico, led by Francisco I. Madero.

   1914: US State Department starts requiring photographs for passports,

   1943: American forces land on Tarawa & Makin Atoll in the Gilbert Is.,


   1. http://www.quarterman.org/q/timeline.html
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