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Quarterman Dates

   November 21

   1620: Mayflower Compact signed, by Pilgrims in Providence town MA

   1699: Caledonia at the Clyde, The Caledonia reaches the Clyde.

   1778: from Fort to Ogeechee, ``Saturday morning, another engagement at
   North Newport River, but could not stop the progress of our Enemies;
   upon which most of those in the Fort were so terrified that they fled
   from it, in order to get over Ogeechee with their families, none
   remaining but mine, upon which I moved with mine into the woods, and
   then camped.'' Source: Stacy-R

   1789: NC,

   1789: North Carolina, becomes 12th U.S. state


   1. http://www.quarterman.org/q/timeline.html
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