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Quarterman Dates

   November 19

   1620: Mayflower pilgrims reach Cape Cod,

   1644: 1st protestant ministry society in New England,

   1778: Invasion, ``Thursday, 19th. An Army of about 40 Horses met with
   John Way, son of Capt. Moses Way, took him Prisoner, and went to the
   house of Captain Way, where by a Kind Providence a Party of about
   twenty of the Battalion happened to have lodged the night before, who
   defended themselves in said house and kept the Enemy off, who wounded
   two of said Battalion, took a number of horses and retreated; An alarm
   was fired and a small body of, I suppose, about 60 men collected who
   following their track, found at South Newport bridge, on the line of
   this Parish, (or near it) of St. Johns, a large body of men encamped,
   which by the best accounts we now have, this 23rd November, consists
   of 500 men or thereabouts.'' Source: Stacy-R

   1863: Lincoln delivers Gettysburg address,

   1978: Jonestown suicides, Rev Jim Jones leads 911 people in suicide in
   Jonestown Guyana


   1. http://www.quarterman.org/q/timeline.html
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