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Re: "Quarterman Seal/Coat of Arms Memorial Marker"

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Interesting idea in general.

A few points worth considering:

* Not just anyone is authorized to use a coat of arms.
There are courts in the U.K. that decide on such things.
While they don't have jurisdiction stateside, nonetheless
there's no point in offending our cousins across the pond
by not following protocol regarding something that originated
in Britain.

* The Midway Quartermans were Puritans.  They never used a
coat of arms in this country and they probably would have
been very opposed to doing so.

* There is no generally-known Quarterman symbol stateside
that I know of other than the name itself, or the letter Q.
We discussed that issue briefly while looking for things
to put on the cover of the book we wrote.  Nowhere in any
cemetery that I've ever seen do any other symbols appear
on gravestones to represent the Midway Quarterman family.

* There are several largish Quarterman families stateside
and many smaller ones.  Most of them have not been proven
related to each other.

* You seem to be suggesting a Midway or Liberty County Quarterman
marker, rather than a general Quarterman marker.  Although that
would have to be generalized somewhat, since there are many
relatives of our family who branched off in South Carolina.

>So, I was thinking that maybe we could come up with a bronzed, easily 
>identifiable (copyrighted?) Quarterman seal, including the coat of arms that 
>would be suitable to be place on qualifying headstones/monuments of 
>Quarterman descendants around the world.  I suppose having the qualifying 
>number for each Quarterman on the seal would be out of the questions and too 
>expensive.  But, anyone interested could have it inscribed under the seal.  
>But, the seal could include a small inscription of the web address at the 
>bottom.  These seals could be distributed (purchased) through the Website.  
>This seal could guide cemetery searching historical/genealogical buffs to 
>the website.  Maybe placement and certification could done by the cemeteries 
>with a mail back certificate.

Nowadays I don't run into many new uses of URLs, but I have to say that
that's one I haven't heard of before.  Interesting.

> Sales could help to support the site.

This list and the web pages www.quarterman.org are purely volunteer.
No funds are collected or disbursed to support them.  I pay the $30/year
domain registration fee out of my pocket, and I don't regret it.

The web pages do include an order form for the Quarterman book,
and all monies collected through that form go towards shipping
books that are ordered and paying down debts that were incurred in
printing the book.

>Then, for centuries to come (hopefully) there would be a easily recognisable 
>tribute for our family tree and our heritage...What do you think?  Has this 
>been discussed?  Any comments?  Or, do I have too  much time on my hands???

Interesting idea; needs work; keep after it and something may come of it.


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