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Re: "Quarterman Seal/Coat of Arms Memorial Marker"

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Hi John and All:

I had a thought today as I visited the offices of the cemetery here in Ft. 
Lauderdale where my father is buried.  At their request I needed to take 
care of some paperwork... Actually, I think they wanted to sell me 
something.  Anyway, while there, they were showing me different items I 
could purchase, like having a picture done via ceramics with bronze frame 
for attachment to the headstone, a bench for the family section, etc.

At any rate I got to thinking that although my father was a Quarterman, his 
name did not include "Quarterman" and his mother, Leila Helen (Quarterman) 
Leonard is not buried here or in Midway, but in Orlando, Fl.  So, the 
thought occurred that the name is really not readily available and quite 
lost to many of the women in our family, not unlike myself, my children and 
our future generations.

So, I was thinking that maybe we could come up with a bronzed, easily 
identifiable (copyrighted?) Quarterman seal, including the coat of arms that 
would be suitable to be place on qualifying headstones/monuments of 
Quarterman descendants around the world.  I suppose having the qualifying 
number for each Quarterman on the seal would be out of the questions and too 
expensive.  But, anyone interested could have it inscribed under the seal.  
But, the seal could include a small inscription of the web address at the 
bottom.  These seals could be distributed (purchased) through the Website.  
This seal could guide cemetery searching historical/genealogical buffs to 
the website.  Maybe placement and certification could done by the cemeteries 
with a mail back certificate. Sales could help to support the site.

Then, for centuries to come (hopefully) there would be a easily recognisable 
tribute for our family tree and our heritage...What do you think?  Has this 
been discussed?  Any comments?  Or, do I have too  much time on my hands???


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