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Re: Thomas R. Quarterman/Natchez, MS

>Does anyone have any knowledge of a Quarterman family that lived in Natchez, 
>Adams Co., MS. in the mid to late 1800s? I am searching for an ANNIE 
>QUARTERMAN of Natchez who was married to Alonzo Tyler, and have had no luck. 
>So I thought if I researched the other Quartermans in Natchez I might 
>possibly find her as maybe a sister. There was a THOMAS R. QUARTERMAN who 
>lived in Natchez at about the same time, and had a son ROBERT QUARTERMAN, 
>also of Natchez. I find it hard to believe that they are not related to 
>Annie, as the name is not common.

Oh, it's quite possible.  There are at least three large Quarterman families
in the U.S., none of whose members are known to be related to the other two

The names you give, Ann, Thomas, and Robert, are very popular Quarterman
names among the Midway group, which would lead me to suspect that these
particular Quartermans were Midway Quartermans.  But of course, Ann,
Thomas, and Robert were popular names among the general population.
And I don't find in our database any A. Quarterman who married a Tyler
or who lived at the right time and who wasn't known to be elsewhere,
except perhaps:
 born: 1 Oct 1822, Liberty Co., Ga.

She was a daughter of Rev. Robert Quarterman.

Regarding your Thomas R. with son Robert, we have no Thomas R.
and no Robert with father Thomas who seem to fit the time and place.

There is a family of Midway Quartermans in Jackson (two of them on
this list), but they didn't move to Mississippi until after your
time frame.

>Any leads or help out there? I am a desperate creature!!

If you know anything more you can tell us about any of these people,
that may bring up some ideas.  For example, what are your sources?
Deeds, birth records, death records, etc.?

>Dorothy O'Neill (Djaneo@aol.com)

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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