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Midway Meeting notice 30 Apr 2000

I enclose a transcription of the announcement of the annual Midway church
meeting announcement. Typoes are mine if they exist.

I plan to attend. It is lots of fun and you get to meet a wide variety
of people. I've attended the last five years running and the last several
there have been about 200 people for the gathering.

If you are free and not too far away you might want to come and we can say
hello in person, as I plan to attend. There are always a number of relations

				David Quarterman

			      Midway Society
		  Historic Midway Church erected 1792
			 Liberty County, Georgia

Dear Friends and Descendants of the Midway Society:

The annual homecoming, April 30, 2000 will commence at 11:30 am.

The guest speaker, Dr. John H. Law is a descendant of Midway Church.
Dr. Law was raised in Brunswick and received his theological training
at Columbia Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Divinity and
Master of Theology degrees. He received his Doctor of Divinity from
Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina in 1977.

Thanks to all who have donated to the preservation funds. Please continue
to remember this church with your tax deductible donations. Enclosed,
for your convience is a self-addressed envelope.

Gather with us at this Historic Annual event. The picnic lunch and
fellowship will follow the service on the grounds.


				Charles Walker

Midway Church and Society
P. O. Box 202
Midway, Georgia 31320-0202
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