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Re: More Quarterman Names and Dates

>"This all usually takes place by electronic mail.  A few weeks
>ago we sent you some followup questions; perhaps you missed those."
>Yes, I must have missed them.  I was in Russia for awhile and the e-mail 
>stacked up while I was gone.  May I have them again?

We'll dig them up.

>  I attached my family info for David Leon.

Attachments aren't permitted on the list, so as to keep viruses out.
I have detached it and forwaded it to DL.

>I would love to look at the database.  Is it accessible online?

Not at the moment.  We'll probably do that at some point.  There are
considerations of privacy to be dealt with first; we want to be careful
that living people's birthdates aren't visible, for example.  I'm pretty
sure software to do this now exists and won't be very hard to install.
The main difficulty is simply finding time to do it.


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