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Re: DNA & Bibles

>Its amazing really that even though there are so many Quartermans in America
>and Australia I live in 3 mile from Oxford city and 7 miles from Thame !

Sounds like a good location.

> Are you in contact with the Quartermans?  in CA

In California?  We know of some cousins who live there; there are several
in the San Francisco area.

> When visiting Rycote chapel The
>Warden gave me a card of a Theresa Quartermain a painter known as "The
>Cottage lady" whose address is Box 4662 South Lake Tahoe, CA 96157. I don't
>think Theresa would mind me writing her Box number on this page as she had
>given a number of cards to the Warden to give to all visiting Quartermans.
>The Warden also told me that he understood that a large group of Quartermans
>met annually in CA do you know anything about this?

This is the first I've heard of it.

>I know that the history museum in London retain Immigration records but I am
>not sure about emigration records but presumably these would be of interest
>to you.

Yes, they would.  Have the records from the various ports been collected
in London?  Used to be they were kept only at the ports of departure.

>One thing I don't think many people realise is that the public library in
>Oxford has a local family history centre on the first (second if you happen
>to be from the US) where there is a whole heap of local information
>including old schools photographs maps census's etc. 

Yes, I've been there.

>How can I obtain a copy of the book you refer to?


> Have you seen a copy of Carter: the Quartermaynes of Oxfordshire? 

Yes, in the Oxford County Library.
Never have been able to find a copy to buy.

There's an appendix in the Carter book that outlines the Midway Quartermans.
But that appendix contains no evidence for a connection.