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Re: DNA & Bibles

Hey Clay...

It's your Ft. Lauderdale cousin...

I don't have any specific information regarding the DNA.  However, they did 
use it very successfully just recently to trace the ancestry of Thomas 
Jefferson and his slave mistress to present day folks.  Maybe someone will 
have more information on that project.  Sounds like a good idea.  Wouldn't 
it be neat to see if we can get back to our roots in England, the 
Quartermaines of Oxforshire or maybe even France via William the 

Your bibles are truly a treasure!  I am very interested in them and any 
project you propose.  I hope you and your brother will someday consider 
donating them to the Midway Museum for all the Quarterman children to enjoy 
for generations and generations to come.  We lose soooo many treasures when 
they fall into the hands of those who do share our interest or value their 
worth to the future.  (A thought...)

I leave for Moscow on Saturday with 24 members of our church.  I am taking 
my 16 year old son, Robert and a 15 year old nephew, Patrick.  We will work 
in Moscow at our church sponsor orphanage for a several days fixing up, 
painting and the like.  We also have a street ministry to feed and cloth 
these abandoned kids as young as 6 and 7 years old.  Then, we head (1 1/2 
hours) southeast of Moscow to a former KGB camp (now called a "Russian 
Resort")to spend spring break with 400 Russian high school students in 
English Camp. (Hope it isn't too cold for this Florida cracker!)  This is a 
rewarding experience.

Maybe I'll get to Odessa one day.  I'd love to hear more about your work and 
family.  Take care....hope someday we can meet and share stories.


>From: "Clay Quarterman" <clay@paco.net>
>Reply-To: quarterman@mids.org
>To: <quarterman@mids.org>
>Subject: DNA & Bibles
>Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 10:27:25 +0300
>Dear Quarterman Researchers,
A thought occurred to me about our search for ancestors of the Robert
Quarterman who appears in South Carolina around 1698. Why not use some sort 
of DNA testing to check for interrelation between our various branches of 
the Quarterman family? I think I saw an ad in Atlanta for some such. In lack 
of further historical records, this could at least establish if we're on the 
right track or not in some of our search. Does anybody know about such 
science being used in genealogical research (apart from the Romanovs & the 
British Royal Family)?
Also, for your information, my brother and I own two Quarterman Family
Bibles, dating from roughly 1780 and 1850, both of which have notes on
family marriages, baptisms, deaths, births, etc. in our branch of the
Quarterman family. If there's interest, we could make copies or a transcript
available. This information does not differ from the information available 
in the Stacy history, and could possibly have been a source for that, as 
these books were in Savannah until maybe around 1975. They are now in 
Jackson, MS, and if there's interest, I'll provide more detailed info when I 
can, as this is off the top of my head.
>Dr. Clay Quarterman
>Odessa, Ukraine

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